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DK business patron Pvt. Ltd. is a global offshore BPO and is a Call Center located in west Delhi, India. As one of the ‘India’ fastest growing BPO company. DK Business Patron is committed to delivering high- quality offshore outbound and inbound, Back Office and Data Processing solution to business from all over the world.
DK Business Patron offers both B2B and B2C for a variety of industries. From Live order taking, Inquiries, Request, Complain handling, Help Desk call center service.
Our commitment to business keep you customer happy and keep our client Happier, always deliver services on time and on reasonable prices.
By choosing us you can save up to 50% on your operating expense.We offer high-quality service and great performance at low costs. Our experience and trained professionals work smarter, faster and cheaper. Important, we understand the seriousness of your business and investment on outsourcing.


Our Benefits

World Class Infrastructure

15 years of BPO experience

Located in west Delhi, India

Client Service 24x7 & 365 Days



Telemarketing refers to the business of marketing goods or services via telephone.
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Lead Generation

Lead Generation is not a new form of gaining new business, but it now has a new ...
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Survey process over telephone has great significance in outbound call Centre ...
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Inbound Upselling

It’s an art of taking your customers to better and complementary products ...
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Customer Care

At D.K. Business Patron our Customers are the heart of the every work we do ...
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Help Desk

Help Desk is a service provided by the agents who assists, guides, trouble shoots ...
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We provide all BPO services to B2C and B2B.We are specialized in providing call center solution to clients Domestic and International. We assure to provide quality services in less price and save our client revenue and increase productivity. Below are list of services that we provide to our client across the global.


Our Products are available with standard size & follow all international parameters.


These Products are designed beautifully to live a desired look to your interiors .


We can customize product's design as per the customer's need on regular orders .


Our products fitted well on your door glass, interior system, outdoor system .
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