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Call Center Services Provider in India

Recognizable growth has been witnessed in post globalization by BPO services in India. Customer service has been considered the most important part by many of the business. It has been observed that companies who ignore the importance of these services are more vulnerable to experience business losses. This is the reason why they fail to retain their loyal customers and acquire new customers. India is globally recognized for its unparalleled and customized assistance to the end users for Customer Service.

The industry has improved the country’s brand image in the international market. According to the industry experts, the outsourcing market has been growing at the rate of 7% per annum, while the average growth rate of BPO industry is 10% annually. Tailored solutions have been provided to the clients at competitive prices by Indian call centers. They act as a platform for managing business operations by using the latest technology and help the firms to minimize the infrastructure cost while saving their capital and time. Hence, companies can focus more on their core skills and capabilities.

Important factors responsible for the growths of outsourcing business in India are as follows:

Cost Benefits
Many of the companies outsource their backend operations to call centers for substantial cost advantages such as overhead cost, training cost incurred on employees, infrastructure cost, and technology cost.

Growing demand from enterprises
BPO services are on a very high demand, especially from the businesses mushrooming around India. Approximately 70% revenue of call centers in India comes from contact centers, followed by 20% revenue coming from the data entry business. The remaining 10% revenue comes from IT.

Skilled Workforce
India has abundant skilled labor with computer knowledge. Moreover, the people are proficient in English as well as other foreign languages. This is an important competitive advantage that India has over other nations.

24*7 Technical Support
Continuous support to the end users were provided by customer support team. As foreign companies venture into the country, BPOs further help them to boost their growth by offering world-class services.

A typical outbound center agent from DK Business Patron will be -

• Expert in communication, selling, and marketing.

• Well trained and experienced in outbound contact center services.

• A qualified graduate who is computer literate.

• Bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure the security of information.

Choose DK Business Patron for outbound call center services

For over 15 years, we are a trusted outsourcing hub in India. DK Business Patron has served over 11190 customers globally. Share your outbound contact center requirements with us and we are confident that we can meet and surpass your expectations.

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