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Order Taking

Order taking service will help the customers to place their orders directly via telephone to the Order taking agents. The agents will process the order and answer the customers who may have doubts about the products. Order taking service has become a major part of the inbound call centre services as they have too many advantages and the most important is increasing the sales of the product.
Maximum customers choose phone order taking service to earn information, clear doubts, and confirm specifications before placing an order. Speaking to an experienced live operator gives them the confidence to invest in the product. Investing incompetent call centre order taking service can be a profitable choice for your organization.

Benefits of outsourcing order taking services to DK Business Patron

Choosing to outsource order taking services to DK Business Patron can provide many benefits to your company and customers. DK Business Patron can achieve your desired customer service conduct and sales objectives.

Provide 24/7/365 customer support
Our 24x7x365 manning of the telephone/toll-free lines ensures you don't miss out on any customer neither is any customer kept waiting as the staff size is proportionate to the demand and can be adjusted according to the changing patterns of advertising and promotion.

Focus on core competencies
Outsourcing your call centre operations will put a difficult & disruptive business function in the capable hands of a professional agency. Therefore, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Customized services
We offer customized quality services to the customer, with a customized database of any size product catalog, product description, price and added features, which is regularly updated as per customer requirements.

Online order taking services
We integrate online order taking service with live order taking services. We have the capability of handling a high volume at any given point of time.

Latest technologies
In tune with the latest technologies, DK Business can deal with businesses of any size - small, medium and big - and the call answering service can be set up in no time to start taking the orders right away.

Comprehensive order processing methods
We provide a comprehensive range of order processing methods that comprise of multiple shipping and payment options, order fulfillment and status checks, credit card authorizations, etc.

Why outsource order taking services to DK Business Patron?

At DK Business Patron, we provide a range of services from inbound sales to customer service, calls to up-selling and cross-selling to online order taking service from your website. Our aim is to Convert sales into up-selling and cross-selling targets at a daily frequent rate. Going for DK Business Patron means you will not only gain new customers but will also retain your present customer base. The order taking operators at DK Business Patron are well trained and professionals in their job. They will further be trained depending on your requirements and procedures to provide a customized response to your customer, in an efficient manner. Our order taking executives will thoroughly understand your products and business and strive to give your customers complete satisfaction. Our operators will update themselves as and when required with added features or products offered by you.

Contact us for Outsource Order Taking Services and we will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

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