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Telemarketing Service Provider in Delhi

Telemarketing Service Provider in Delhi Over 40% of the global BPO market holds by India. Out of the 10 BPO destinations in the world, five are in Asia, with India's dominant share ensuring that nearly 26% of South Asia's exports come from services. Business process outsourcing and short-term migration are the key segments. The BPO industry in India increases last year, to $6.3 billion, and is expected to clock 37% annual growth over the next five years. Many multinational companies have shown their growing confidence in Call Center Outsourcing and in India as an outsourcing hub, by signing multi-million-dollar, long-term BPO contracts with trusted Indian outsourcing service providers.
Telemarketing Services
DK Business Patron offshore Telemarketing services include -

  • Telemarketing lead management
  • Lead Generation Services
  • Decision Maker Contacts
  • Appointment Setting Services
  • Database Selling Services
  • Market Intelligence Services
  • Product Promotion
  • Research Surveys and Polling
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Telephone and Web-Based Business Development
  • Up Sell Campaigns
  • Direct Mail Follow-up Services
  • Seminar Population

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