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Backen Non Voice

Working on all voice along a side we have grown up skills well in field of non-voice work. We keep good typing and professional language working people. Our non-voice service delivery solutions will further promote business efficiency which will translate to increase in productivity and revenue. Our clients will only concentrate on their expertise while we manage their admin and data processing remotely like Order Processing, Bookkeeping and Accounting, Data Encoding, Spreadsheet and Word Processing, File Conversion, Reports Generation and Analysis, Survey Processing and Form Filing etc….. Its organic growth performance has been rated as exemplary and best amongst its peers by a leading BPO research firm taking over competitors’ share with increased on-site presence the company plans to hire 100 employees to further its growth performance. DK Business Paton Pvt Ltd. BPO recently launched its Process Progression Model to improve business outcomes for clients by accelerating optimization and transformation of business processes. The company also extended its outsourcing agreement with many sources like KPO, BPO, Back office & Non voice. Work plans for all employees will include an expectation of good Management for Back office. Our work ethic should be Communicate in a professional manner when using the e-mail system. Never put anything in an e-mail message that would be viewed as offensive or inappropriate for the business environment. Remember that all information contained in the e-mail message is considered public information. We will be very delightful in working for same on domestic and international projects.

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