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This collection processes are commonly found in the mortgage, insurance and financial markets. Thus, it saves the money and time of the companies in many collections process when it is outsourced. The agents should convince the debtors to pay their debts in a right manner and not through unfair practices. The collections staff may deal with an enormous number of overdue invoices. If so, the collection manager needs a procedure for dealing with customers in a standardized manner to resolve payment issues like, assign overdue invoices, verify allowed deductions, issue dunning letters,initiate direct contact, settle payment arrangements, adjust credit limit, monitor payments under settlement arrangements, refer to collection agency, sue the customer, write off remaining balance, conduct post mortem, etc. collections management system supports all types of customer debt, including mortgages, credit cards, loans and overdrafts and has a proven track record of improving debt receivables. Tallyman is a functionally rich collections management system that automates and streamlines the collections process, enabling clients to maximize resource performance while minimizing overhead, outsourcing costs. Developing a more focused debt collection strategy can help you and your organization reduce costs, save time and maximize your resources

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